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Do You Travel Outside of the North East?

Yes I travel anywhere in and around the UK.

Would you travel abroad?

There is no location to far!

Do you Charge extra for Travelling?

There might be a slight increase in the overall fee. This is only to accommodate Travel expenses.

What Services do you offer?

I offer Entertainment along with 4 different  Wedding Day Entertainment Packages.

 I offer entertainment for The Wedding Ceremony, Wedding Breakfast,  day/evening or full day entertainment which can include disco/DJ.  My Services are available throughout the entire UK and abroad.

What kind of music do you provide?

As a seasoned artist I have I have a huge Repertoire of music covering all Genres.

*A large selection of the finest Swing / jazz Classics which I am often asked to perform through The Wedding Breakfast to provide subtle ambiance as your Guest’s dine. Also in addition, I have a large collection of love ballads as an alternative which I am also asked to perform if the swing / Jazz are not to your particular taste.   

*A large selection of Motown, Rock & Roll, Rock, Pop, Soul and Modern day numbers are also available for the Evening or Upbeat Performance’s.

Joshua James likes to think he has something in his Repertoire for everyone. So from Young or old no one should ever feel left out.

Do you sing through the Wedding Ceremony, Breakfast?

Yes I can sing a song of your choice either as the bride walks down the aisle or after the ceremony as the happy couple leave the venue. On occasions I have been asked to perform a few songs during the signing of the register.

(All live songs must be organised at least 6 weeks prior)

 If a singing performance is not required I have sometimes been asked to arrange music to

* Create ambiance as your guests arrive and are seated.

* As the bride walks down the aisle

* Signing of the register

(All background music to be organised at least 2 weeks prior)

Who does the disco?

The disco is usually carried out by Joshua J, or an experienced Professional DJ along side live singing sets. Disco includes a huge selection of dance floor fillers including a mixture of the best chart, pop, disco, music spanning the last 50 years. By providing the Disco myself I have found in my experience this is a great way of providing an all-round entertainment package saving you the client the hassle of hiring a separate Singer and a DJ.

How can I hear you perform?

Selections of recorded tracks are available on each page or by clicking the link to my Soundcloud page

How do I know if you're available?

Contact me via the booking enquiry form on the Contact & Enquires page giving all the requested information and I will reply within 24 hrs. This will let you know if I'm free on your chosen date and the detail’s of costs for the various packages for your Wedding Entertainment.

What venues have you performed in?

Throughout my career I have performed in almost every venue thinkable! From Casino’s, Hotels, Nightclubs, Marquee’s, Major  Football & Rugby Grounds, Outdoor events, Golf clubs even at the side of a swimming pool. So there is literally no where I can’t perform.

Will I need to pay a deposit?

On occasion it will be required to make a small deposit (this is subject to location, hiring of additional equipment etc). This then give’s both parties’ confidence in each other and confirms your booking and make's your date unavailable to others.  A simple Booking form (contract) is drawn up which is signed by both party’s, each retaining a copy for records.  Your booking is only confirmed when I receive your returned booking form and confirmation.

Can I reserve a date?

A date will be held for a maximum of 72 hours then will be released as enquiries for that date may be made. Once you have 

reserved and confirmed we can then commence to the full booking and confirmation process which makes the date yours. 

How do I make a booking / enquiry?

Simply head to the Contacts & enquiries page and fill in the booking enquiry form provided. I will then contact you within 24 hours with a quotation.  Once we have an agreed fee and booking we will then go through the confirmation process.

If your question is not answered here feel free to contact Joshua James by clicking here

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